August 20

A History Of MMA

The modern day MMA has its origin in the Asian countries more specifically from East Asia, all the way to our location of Franklin TN. This is due to the fact that they had an elaborate system to pass it down over generations after generations unlike their western countries counterparts. With the development of modern science and technology, the western countries left the arts for weapons. The Martial Arts initially were used to maintain the fitness of warriors so that they were always ready to defend what is rightfully theirs. It was also used as a form of entertainment in times when peace and tranquility were prevalent.

Due to the diverse nature of martial arts, the history cannot all be traced back to a single country. The diverse styles have different origins at different points in time. In this sense exploring the different histories of the different styles would be advised if you are interested in a specific style of martial arts. Encryptions in Egypt evidence the presence of martial arts as early as 3000B.C. At around 2300B.C, Mesopotamia soldiers practiced some form of martial arts in the form of hand fighting. In Greece, combat was part of their Olympics by 700B.C. The Roman Pankration is also an initial form of martial arts.

In China the arts were practiced as early as 200 B.C. – and some of these same arts are still practiced in small towns like Franklin. The early festivals in Thailand used martial arts to entertain the guests and kings in addition to warfare and as a sport. Philippines were not an exception with several styles of martial arts practiced in the early years. These initial forms of martial arts were brutal and had very few or no rules at all. This means that victory could either be acclaimed if one of the fighters was in no condition to fight or in extreme cases, they lost consciousness or even their lives. If you are looking for something in the area we found Franklin TN MMA classes at an affordable price.

Efforts were then made to make these arts a bit more humane by introduction of rules as time progressed. Japan, Tokyo, United States were not left behind when it came to combat sports that included the mixed martial arts. Brazil is credited for the history of the “no holds barred” matches and the martial arts gained such popularity in the country that they were held in large play grounds or stadiums. They were also introduced into different Olympics championships all over the world. Although the sport was interesting to the public, it was banned in certain areas due to its brutal nature and the fact that it portrayed human life as a worthless thing that could be terminated just for entertainment. The Ultimate Fighting Championship also greatly contributed to the widespread popularity of the mixed martial arts due to the attention it attained from television networks that covered the events.

In Japan, the martial arts concentrated on the power of the body and point of impact and employed the use of kicking, blocking and striking. The modern martial sport that originated from this is the famous Karate that has gained popularity all over the world with different championships and competitions embracing it. Though the initial forms were a bit crude, the sport has been refined by the use of rules that the players are expected to abide to. The modern day karate also includes the performance of a series of actions by individuals in front of a panel who then award points to the players.

In the United States, the Helio Gracie family has contributed a lot to the development of the sport. They are accredited for the setting up of the Ultimate Fighters championship that promoted the popularity of the martial arts in America. The family also had their own challenge where they would compete against any other competitor who showed up. Their contribution to the martial arts has seen the sport grow especially in America.

The growth, development, refinement of the different forms of martial arts is broad and diverse with different personnel including people who later became world leaders, countries and different periods of time being involved. The modern day mixed martial arts have thus been born this way. Understanding the sport requires an in depth learning, practice and patience. it is hard to specialize in many disciplines of the art and thus identifying the one that interests you most and concentrating on it is advised.

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